Polytechnic Courses Department

SMCL Polytechnic Courses Department Program Offerings


The Polytechnic Courses Department envisions itself as a prime mover in the development of extensive skills training in the fields of Tourism services, Information Techonolgy, Business and Health Care that will ovide a containing learning environment which will produce efficient and effective skill workers. It aspires to provide alternative career training to individuals in lieu of the Baccalaureate program. It upholds the Filipino ideals and propels the nation to its growth and greatness.


Given the importance of the Technical Education as a means to national goals and aspirations and its role to world economy, the Polytechnic Courses Department aims to provide the necessary entrepreneurials and technical skills needed to be productive, responsible, and effective members of society within the social framework of the country and the international community.

Attributes of a TESDA trained Graduate of the Polytechnic Course Deparment of Saint Michael's College of Laguna:

  1. Competent in skills in the Tourism sector such as, Bread and Pastry Production NC II, Food and Beverage Service NC II, Housekeeping NC II, Cookery NC II, in the Information Technology sector such as Web designing and Animation, in Business sector, Bookkeeping NC III and in the Community Service sector, Health care Servicing NC II.
  2. Effective communicators who could confidently face clients coming from all walks of life and all nations.
  3. Can be a team player, a decision maker, and problem solver.
  4. Possess the necessary work ethic and discipline that will make them effective skill workers.
  5. Leadership qualities needed in the promotion of the country;s culture.
  6. Social consciousness and concern by sharing their skills with the poor.