Guidelines on Workplace Prevention and Control of COVID-19.


The following safety and health standards shall be implemented in all workplaces aligned with the objectives of the minimum health standards of the Department of Health:

A. Reducing transmission of COVID-19

    1. Prior to entrance in buildings or workplaces

    • a. All employees, clients, and visitors shall:
      • i. Wear face masks at all times.
      • ii. Present his/her vaccination card.
      • iii. Scan the QR code with the “Stay Safe App” to check in and check out.
      • iv. Spray alcohol/sanitizers to both hands.
      • v. Have their temperature checked prior to entry.
            Employees, clients, and visitors with temperature >=37.5°C even after a 5-minute rest shall not be allowed to enter the premises. The employee will be directed to the isolation room at the lower ground of the SMH Building and will be evaluated by the School Nurse.
    • b. Equipment being brought inside the school premises must go through a disinfection process.
    • c. Vehicles will not be allowed to park inside the school campus.

    2. Inside the workplace

    • a. All work areas and frequently handled objects such as doorknobs and handles, shall be cleaned and disinfected regularly.
    • b. All washrooms and toilets shall have sufficient clean water and soap. Employees are encouraged to wash their hands frequently and avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth.
    • c. Sanitizers shall be made available at the main entrance and in all offices. Disinfectant foot baths will be provided at the entrance.
    • d. Physical distancing at the minimum one (1) meter radius space (side, back and front) between individuals must be practiced at all times.
    • e. Eating in communal areas is discouraged. It is best to eat in individual work areas and all wastes shall be disposed properly.
    • f. Tables and chairs shall be cleaned or disinfected after every use of the area.

B. Minimize contact rate

  • 1. Prolonged face-to-face interaction between employees and with clients are discouraged and masks shall be worn at all times. Meetings needing physical presence shall be kept to a minimum number of participants and with short duration.
  • 2. Office tables should be arranged in order to maintain proper physical distancing.
  • 3. To maintain physical distancing, number of people inside an enclosed space shall be limited.
  • 4. Use of stairs should be encouraged subject to physical distancing requirements.
  • 5. A money tray where payment can be placed will be provided at the Business Services Center.

C. On reducing the risk of infection from COVID-19

  • 1. Comply with all workplace measures in place for the prevention and control of COVID-19, such as frequent hand washing, wearing of masks, observing physical distancing always, etc;
  • 2. Observing proper respiratory etiquette;
  • 3. Coughing and sneezing into tissue or into shirt sleeve if tissue is not available.
  • 4. Disposing used tissues properly; and
  • 5. Disinfecting hands immediately through proper washing with soap and water or alcohol-based sanitizer immediately after a cough or sneeze.

These guidelines have been approved by the SMCL COVID-19 Crisis Management Team on 06 January 2022 and will take effect immediately.

Source: COVID19 CMT Circular 2022-001

OIC, HR Officer

OIC, Director for Administration


COVID-19 Crisis Manager