Student Services

What Michaeleans learn in school activities is as meaningful as what they learn inside the classroom. From sports to creative writing, the campus offers a myriad of opportunities for Michaeleans to shine. Clubs and organizations provide avenues for students to express themselves or develop their skills. In SMCL, each student is a star.

  • VISION. Saint Michael's College of Laguna - Student Services Division (SMCL SSD) envisions an environment that ensures students' well-being, formation, and holistic development.

  • MISSION. Saint Michael's College of Laguna - Student Services Division (SMCL SSD) aims to complement the academic program through the effective and efficient program that will ensure the optimal unfolding of the students' as self-actualized individuals and responsible citizens of the nation.
  • GOALS. It is committed to the realization of the following goals:
    • • develop committed and responsible students who will eventually assume leadership roles in their chosen field through the formation of educational, social, cultural, religious and civic organizations;
    • • provide for the selection and direction of prospective students through established admissions criteria that will allow them reasonable chances of success and excellence;
    • • render psycho-social support directed towards students' wellness, emotional development and total personality development;
    • • provide for an efficient and effective processing of students' records and documents; and
    • • develop the students' social conscience through awareness, concern and involvement/immersion in community development.

In line with its commitment to nurture the full potentials of the individual student and develop his/her total personality, the College promotes and implements a comprehensive student services program.

Coordinated by the Director, the Student Services Division (SSD) includes Counseling and Career Services Center, Center for Extension Services, and Student Development Center.


Room 105 - Saint Michael's Hall

(63) 2 8405-5040;
(63) 49 511 9359; or 49 554 9500 to 04
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