Bachelor of Elementary Education

Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English, Filipino, Mathematics, and Social Studies

Bachelor in Early Childhood Education

  • Vision-Mission of the Education Program
    • • The SMCL Education Program envisions the development of Elementary, Early Childhood and Secondary educators who are humane and service-oriented, equipped with competence in research, content knowledge, pedagogy in handling diversed type of learners and can inspire others to continue to aspire for personal and professional growth.
    • • To realize this vision, the program shall fortify education curricula designed to prepare students to teach effectively the different disciplines in the elementary and secondary levels, conduct researches essential to the development of the program; and, intensify outreach community services for teacher development and community building.

  • Specific Objectives of the Education Program
  • The program aims to produce citizens who can translate the mission and vision into realities through:

    • Proper utilization of knowledge and tested principles
      • • Possess broad knowledge of language according to discipline.
      • • Demonstrate in-depth understanding of the diversity of learners in various learning areas.
      • • Manifest meaningful and comprehensive pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) of the different discipline.
      • • Utilize appropriate assessment and evaluation tools to measure learning outcomes.

    • Skills
      • • Manifest skills in communication, higher order thinking and use of tools and technology to accelerate learning and teaching.
      • • Display skills and abilities to be a reflective and research-oriented language and literature teacher.

    • Values
      • • Demonstrate positive attributes of a model teacher, both as an individual and as a professional.
      • • Manifest a desire to continuously pursue personal and professional development.

    • • Tutors
    • • Researchers
    • • Customer Service Representative
    • • Trainer


SEAS Director's Office -
Segunda Limaco Hall (Ground Floor)

(63) 2 8405-5040;
(63) 49 511 9359; or 49 554 9500 to 04
local 317