Bachelor of Human Services

  • Vision-Mission of the Bachelor in Human Services
    • • The Bachelor in Human Services program envisions the development of graduates who are humane and service-oriented, equipped to perform basic human services in educational institutions, community and industry as human services personnel/assistant, intervention design assistant or training assistant.
    • • To realize this vision, the program shall strengthen the human services curricula designed to prepare students for careers in various settings such as schools, business and community; conduct researches essential to the development of the program; and intensify outreach community services for the development of the industry, school, and/or community they serve.

  • Specific Objectives of the Human Services Program
  • The program aims to produce citizens who can translate the mission and vision into realities through:

    • Proper utilization of knowledge
      • • Possess adequate knowledge of human systems: individual, group, organization, community and society, and their major interactions.
      • • Demonstrate knowledge of the ideally functioning human systems and factors that lead to optimum functioning.
      • • Utilize appropriate interventions which promote growth and goal attainment including assistance, referral, or advocacy.

    • Skills
      • • Exhibit facility in receiving and expressing verbal and non-verbal language in facilitating client outcomes across settings and contexts.
      • • Display skills and abilities to be a reflective and research-oriented helping professional.
      • • Demonstrate skills in designing, implementing, and evaluating appropriate and ethical activities in human services that will address a specific human need.

    • Values
      • • Show appreciation of other person’s values, life style and goals.
      • • Demonstrate positive attributes of human services professional.
      • • Manifest a desire to continuously pursue personal and professional development.

  • The BHumServ program will prepare graduates who are prepared for careers in various settings such as schools, business and community, as well as future careers as professional counselors. Section 5 of CMO 33, s. of 2017 clearly identified the specific professions/careers/occupations for graduates:
    • • Learning institutions: training, academic planning, group facilitation, program development and evaluation, educational assessment, educational research, educational placement.
    • • Business and Organization: training, program development and evaluation, research, career planning and placement, and other jobs in the BPO industries.
    • • Community: training, group facilitation, program development and evaluation, research, career planning and development.
  • Graduates of this program may pursue a master’s degree in counseling to qualify them for the Licensure Examination for Guidance Counselors required by the Profession Regulation Commission (PRC).


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